How the Patriot Act hurts patriots

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Undermining and Slaying America by Providing Appropriate Tools for Righteousness and Independence's Obliteration and Termination"Give me liberty or give me death." - Patrick Henry Freedom is one of the fundamental rights our country was founded on. America is all about freedom. There is the freedom of speech, religion and freedom to alter and abolish our government when it becomes destructive. Then along comes the Patriot Act. It was passed in a time of chaos and paranoid fear that terrorists would come and destroy everything we hold dear, our families, our homes and our lives. But the Patriot Act itself is guilty of taking away the most precious thing of all, freedom. The Patriot Act was supposed to "intercept and obstruct terrorism." But it has instead threatened our civil liberties. When America unwittingly allowed the Patriot Act to pass, we surrendered our constitutional rights and others as well. The Patriot Act violates countless amendments, such as the 14th, 8th, 6th, 5th and 4th amendments.

This goes against everything America stands for, "liberty and justice for all." The Patriot Act should be repealed and its enforcement denied.

Have you taken the time to actually read over the Patriot Act? It is overflowing with numerous loopholes and vague definitions that surreptitiously give the government more power than it already haves over American citizens. The various intelligence agencies are all combined and led by Assistant Attorney General for National Security. That means the Attorney General is in charge of all investigations and the right to a trial depends on him, not the law. One might wonder if his intentions were pure. And the Patriot Act allows the government to search and seize someone's possessions without a warrant from a judge. As long as the victim is part of an ongoing investigation, his/her property, personal...