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Magazine for Youth | July/August 2007"People should be respected for who they are"Society and the Other:Fred Fanky JWhat is otherness; lucky for you I have a perfect dictionary meaning:"Quality of being not alike; being distinct or different from that otherwise experienced or known"Young people shouldn't judge a person at school or anywhere just because they don't fit there personal concept of "normal".

Putting someone down or "Bagging them out" as it is generally called among the youth is an outrageous thing to do; as this can cause the person to hate him or her self and cause muck up or rebelling at home which can lead to more serious thing during there lives such as suicide or murder.

People should be respected for who they are and by there values and customs, not by there race, skin color and religion or anything else that youth classify as different (otherness).

People who usually have a laugh at some else at there expense; just because they are different (physically and mentally). Don't understand much when it comes to society and culture and they should learn this concept.

This is generally taught through primary school to high school, children learn respect, discipline, values and customs; these are being strictly enforced at schools as time goes on.

The curriculum taught at XXX High School, teaches its students to understand the macro and micro world and the people in it.

They do a variety of tasks to understand this concept.

They do an area of study based on "Otherness'" this is where they study a book called "The Sugar Factory" the official plot summary is: "A disturbed loner teen has to be sent to a halfway house for disturbed teens after a young child whom he was supposed to be watching dies after...