A Peppermint Trip

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One minute was working with the old fashion hard round peppermint candy. The next was with Jesus and peppermint candy canes. I started this journey a little down trodden for the simple fact that I have just never really cared for peppermint candy. I have heard a peppermints wrapper sing, while being unwrappped in timely fashion, unveiling beautiful, vibrant red and white colors along with an aromatic aroma, which makes the mouth water. Time after time to statisfy my aroused senses, I would pop one in my mouth. Within minutes, I would realize, no matter how hard I tried, peppermint candy judged by my taste buds always registers under the medicine category, even though some smarty britches enhanced the peppermint with a built in chaser,(candy). Therefore, one minute my taste buds announce medicine, the next a sudden, but wonderful sweet chaser, which never last long enough to cover their initial announcement.

The recollection of childhood days when momma always made us attend church is as clear as if yesterday. Before entering she would say, "Remember this is God's House where children are to have ears to hear, mouths shut, showing revernce at all time. Children which honor the rules will be rewarded after services." Yeah right! Nowhere, did reward tie into the definition of an old fashion hard rock peppermint candy, in this Childs' book. More like one of those reverse psychology tricks, which got medicine down, accompanied by good behavior in church.

Upon accomplishing the task attached to this journey, the end was at hand. Out of the corner of my eye, a glimpse of Shae; my granddaughter entering the room with a peppermint candy cane she had gotten off the tree at Christmas. Being her normal nosey self, she started the journey and exclaimed, "Grams back in your day Jesus was handing out the old peppermint candy and now days he hands out these." Turning to look, not knowing exactly what she was referring to, the realization was a peppermint "J", instead of a peppermint candy cane as I first thought. She must have seen a dumb founded look because she said, "DUH- Grams "J" represents Jesus. The three small red stripes are a reminder of his scourging by which we are healed. The large flowing vibrant red stripe is the blood he shed on the cross so that we could have enternal life." I could not believe what my thirteen-year-old granddaughter had just told me. I asked, "Shae, where did you here this story?" She said, "OH no mam this is no story. This is an understanding only he could have given me. Every time I smell the aroma of peppermint or my ears catch the sound of a wrapper announcing the array of colors fixing to be unleashed, I think of Jesus. During the times I feel a little down or out of sorts my peppermint "J" reminds me, I'm not alone." I gave her a great big hug, before she exited the room and sat back in the chair with a great big sigh and took in all my baby had said.

I have no idea how much time passed, upon what I like to call my soaking time. As reality came back into play, I felt as if I had been dreaming. As I went to the front of the house, by the front door was a peppermint "J" with a not saying, "Grams, Mom came to get me, didn't want to bother you. Love you. I am leaving you this peppermint "J" I have another at home, Shae."I have always believed God works in mysterious ways. Only he could have routed this journey, from the old fashion hard rock candy to his wonderful son "JESUS", will satisfy all yearnings. I would not take anything for this journey or a wonderful granddaughter. I thank Jesus for the peppermint candy, and unbelievable journey, and a granddaughter who believes.