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Performance Appraisals at Hitachi

Performance appraisals are a common method used in today's workforce to assist in the determination of compensation increases. Additionally, these performance appraisals are used to establish training and development needs and input for transfer and promotion opportunities. At Hitachi Automotive Products - Los Angeles (HAP-LA), a large re-manufacturing plant for alternators, starters and other automotive products, the performance appraisal is utilized as a tool in all three of the mentioned aspects. These performance appraisals are conducted on an annual basis, in February, and are also conducted after an employee has spent ninety days at HAP-LA or has been transferred to a new position.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process and determine the satisfaction with the process, a survey was conducted. The following questions were asked on the survey:

1. Were you satisfied with the performance appraisal process during your last performance review? (Not if you were satisfied with the appraisal results itself, but with the process.)

Why or why not?

2.Do you feel that the process is objective and fair? Why or why not?

3.Do you feel that there is an adequate and timely relationship between the performance appraisal and the rewards?

4.Do you feel that the performance appraisal process should be changed in any way? If so, how?

5.What kind of impact has the performance appraisal process made on your job?

This survey was then handed out for completion to three employees at HAP-LA. These employees were chosen based on their department, position and length of time at HAP-LA.

Kathleen Shimada

Kathleen is currently the Administrative Coordinator in the Administration department. Her responsibilities include creating and managing the completed appraisal forms annually. She has been with HAP-LA for four years in her current position.

In response...