Performance enhancing drugs in sports

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The use of enhanced drugs in sports will always be around. Most athletes have or are using some kind of drug to enhance their success at the sport they play. For professional athletes it is vital that they maintain the success for which they are, whether it be financially or how well they play that sport. These athletes train long and hard throughout the whole year to become the great players they are. Whether athletes consume drugs to better their performance or not, there is always going to be some athletes who do these enhancements to be better at that sport or to try and keep up there personal glory of how fans pursue them. Many athletes believe that it is impossible to succeed without some kind of drug. Though that?s what they may believe, it is definitely not good for their health in the long run and it is really not fair for the other athletes that do not use any enhanced drugs in there competition.

Accessibility has been very available to professional athletes, College and High School individuals. The demand and the availability have become enormously easy to obtain.

Athletes face enormous pressure to excel in competition. They also know that winning can reap them more than a gold medal. A star athlete can earn a lot of money and a lot of fame, and athletes only have a short time to do their best work. Athletes know that training is the best path to victory, but they also get the message that some drugs and other practices can boost their efforts and give them a shortcut, even as they risk their health and their athletic careers. Athletes may have several reasons for using performance-enhancing drugs.

For example: 1. An athlete may want to build mass and strength...