The permability of membranes in beetroot

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First of all I gathered all the equipment that I needed to carry out experiment then we could make a start. This experiment that I am carrying out will show me what effects temperature will have on the amount of pigment released by beetroot when it is placed in water. After I gathered up all the apparatus I then had to use the cork borer, which was 6 mm to bore out cylinders of beetroot I bored them out and made sure that both ends of the cylinders where square this is my dependant variable in the experiment. I then measured out the cylinder of beetroot until it was the length that I needed this was 40mm, then with the 40mm I will split in into four 10mm cylinders using the razor blade to increase the surface area of the beetroot. I did this six times to six cores of beetroot as I am trying the beetroot in six different temperatures.

I then measured out 15 ml of water into six different test tubes. I am going to use a thermostatic water bath to get the water to the correct temperature that I need for the first test tube. This temperature will be 20 degrees and I will also carry it out at 30C, 40C, 50C, 60C and 70C these temperatures will be my independent variables. To get the water to 20 degrees I will first have to set the dial to 20 degrees and the wait for the water to heat up. When the water bath tells me that it is at the 20 degrees, I must then check it with a thermometer to make sure that it is at the right temperature. I will then set the test tube in the water bath and make sure...