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My philosophy about learning would have to be not to fail in school. I just think that I have to try to get somewhere else so most of the time I try in school. Even when don't like the work I give it a try but if I no the assignment isn't that important sometimes I don't try. So what i am trying to say is I try hard enough to get by sometimes more but never less. That and I look at bums in the street and I think to my self that I never want to end up like that.

The way I write isn't all that great but i am really not sure how to do anymore than I can. So I try to write things down the best that I could because that's the only way I know how. As long as I get the facts and all that is needed in to what i am writing.

I always get ok grades.

What i have done become successful is by caring in school. I feel if I try I will pass because it's too hard to fail. You have to go out of you way to fail. I'm successful because I care about school. As long as I keep my grades up I get to work and I get money witch pays for my car. All of these things push to succeed school. For the last year I have been paying for my own way. I don't remember the time when I ask my mom for money. These are the things to push me to succeed.

Improving myself to become a better student. Learn to strive for excellence instead of just what ever, actually give all the same I would at...