Perspective on Environmental Issues

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When interacting with nature, mankind's actions directly impact the condition of the world we will pass on to future generations. Numerous perspectives have emerged, grouping people with like ideas together. Three prevalent approaches are ecofeminism, pluralism, and environmental pragmatism.

Ecofeminists believe the domination of women is directly related to the domination of nature and the only way to bring nature into harmony is to "liberate" women as women (Green Fuse, 2007). Ecofeminists do not necessarily want women to be considered equal to men, but instead to be recognized for their role in functions they are commonly known for. The term "Mother Nature" relates nature to females. Females are considered more attached to nature than males are. The female menstrual cycle, which makes women be considered as irrational, has commonly been linked to Lunar cycles.

Ecofeminism teaches that a male dominated society is built upon 4 "pillars"; sexism, racism, class exploitation, and environmental destruction.

They believe "oppressed" races and social classes are also closely associated with nature (Green Fuse, 2007). Ecofeminism rejects the idea of any one race or class of people being dominant over another. They believe through harmony and seeking one's "power within" that not only society but also nature will even out.

Another perspective on environmental issues is Pluralism. Pluralism is an approach that teaches that while individuals can be diverse they can still have respect for each other. Pluralists generally keep an open mind to other's ideas. They believe there are other possible answers, to environmental issues, than just their own (Bratton, 1995). Clear wording, to aid in a clear understanding, is imperative in order to bring diverse groups together to work on environmental issues. Bringing all cultures together, to work towards a common goal, is the main idea behind Pluralism. Pluralism helps...