persuasive essay regarding the titanic and what should be done with the remains.

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I believe that the titanic should be left where it is because it would be disrespectful to all of the different cultures and people who were on the ship. If we did bring the Titanic up would the whole ship be in museums in England and the United States. The ship is a memorial and grave yard to the 1500 people who died. It would be very disrespectful to the families who lost a loved one.

If we bring the ship up where will all of the pieces go? If all of the pieces went to museums in England and the United States what about the one person from Nepal or some other small country on the other side of the world. Will we split the ship up into 1500 pieces and give Nepal one fifteen hundredth of the ship? It would not be fair to the people of the world if we brought up the ship.

We would be saying to all of the other countries it only is concerned with the two major countries involved and disrespecting the other people from different cultural back grounds who died.

The Titanic is a graveyard for more than 1500 people and should stay where it is on the bottom of the ocean. If we brought up the ship it would be like digging up all of those peoples graves. The captain went down with the ship thinking he would be buried at sea with his ship as his coffin. He wanted to be down there other wise he would have gone into a life boat. You wouldn't want to dig up a grave on the land why would you want to dig one up underwater.

I know that if my grandmother's grave was going to be dug up I would...