Politically Incorrect—Profiling and Stereotyping Based On Race and Religion

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Bob Lonsberry's article "Gatorade is Not the Problem" points a critical finger towards those who try to avoid planned acts of terror: airport security personnel. His anger comes from inconveniences they create by prohibiting passengers from carrying medicines, drinks, and creams onto a plane. Lonsberry comments that airport security should spend more time looking at young male Muslim passengers. After the United States was attacked in 2001, most Americans may agree with him. In examining these acts of terror, Lonsberry holds a bias against the misuse of political correctness by the American media. While most of the terrorist acts have been committed by Muslim extremists that will die for their religion, non-Muslim terrorists will seize this chance to commit their acts of violence. Even though Lonsberry's views of America's use of political correctness contain truths, he makes hasty generalizations about Muslims.

Throughout his article, Lonsberry ignores the term 'political correctness' to degrade those of the Muslim religion.

He affirms his stance by saying, "Toiletries don't commit acts of terrorism. Muslims do." However, his assumption-that only Muslims commit acts of terror-is inaccurate. For instance, Timothy McVeigh plotted and attacked the United States through the Oklahoma City Bombing in April of 1995. Lonsberry should question how a white male Christian would commit an act like this since he clearly states, "Muslims are the problem." Furthermore, he focuses on Muslims as a whole, not all Muslims believe in Jihad, and few of those that do commit acts of terror.

By his proposal to screen only young male Muslim passengers, Lonsberry disregards other possible suspects of terrorist acts. Lonsberry's solution is to search those that "look" Muslim, but how can you profile a religion that is open to all members? He not only excludes all others that don't "look" Muslim, he...