Population Control

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When people hear the words population control, they automatically think the most negative aspects of such a concept without ever taking a second to consider what the intention of such a suggestion might involve. For me, I believe that population control is more of a way of thinking about the future of the world and the people who live here. I mention population control in terms that the people of this world have gotten out of control and we have gone crazy about sex and the result is the population is over six billion and climbing rapidly.

As it is, the people of Earth have completely taken over and all the beauty in nature has been lost and is dying fast due to our greed for power and what not. The o-zone is greatly damaged beyond repair, millions of miles of forests and fields have been completely destroyed, and people have ruined nature.

The more people there are, the more we "require" from the earth, and so we take more giving back less and less. The result is destruction.

I am simply suggesting we realize what we have done, take responsibility for our actions, and try and cut back on giving birth so much because as I said before, the more people there are, the more we take from our planet. We as a race are not privileged enough to have technology or knowledge enough to try and fix what we have done, but we can prevent a lot if we take maters into our own hands and have a little self control.

Many would see population control as a way for governments to have more power over the populations, or they would say its invading our human rights, but truth be told, we have beyond taken too...