Poverty, An Unsolved Problem

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Poverty is a phenomenon as old as human history, and nowadays widespread poverty had been accepted as inevitable, but what is the real definition of poverty, let's have a look at this example.

In the United States during 1992, any family of four with an annual cash income of less than 14335$ before taxes was considered poor, while the average annual per-person in Bangladesh was 200$, in Ethiopia 130$. Anyone in those nations with an income of 14000$ would be considered extremely wealthy.

As a result we realize that the reality of poverty varies with location and social and political conditions, and it basically means lack of the three primary physical needs (food, clothing, and shelter).But for poverty to be recognized it must exist alongside prosperity, this is because before the discovery of the new world the American Indians would not have considered themselves poor, although they lived with only the bare necessities and a few handmade tools.

Owing to those facts we find ourselves unable to determine a precise definition of poverty and its causes that apply worldwide, instead we find a whole set of causes which is unique to each country or perhaps shared by two or more of them, or maybe we can agree on one reason of poverty that can be applied worldwide, that is unemployment which was the result not so much from an economic slump as from technological innovations, such as automation that displaces many workers, and leads to many unfilled jobs because workers with the proper skills cannot be found, and as we all know this is a cause of poverty that we cannot eliminate because we simply can't stop technological advancement.

Back to the place we were the problem of poverty hasn?t been solved, but there is no need to panic because...