The Power of Words

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Words are the most powerful weapon man or woman can ever acquire, the power to explain thy thoughts and feeling upon another. The power to manipulate, the power to fabricate a story, the power to compose a song or story, is all powers that the English language and intelligence around the world has brought to us.

When I was an adolescent I was not the smartest. I didn't have a gratifying vocabulary, and always had to work harder then the other student peers in my class. My cousin Blake always says to me "its not what you say, its how you say It." That saying always makes me wonder of the times I sat there stupefied and could have proved myself and everyone else around me that was accusing me of the wrong. Then I took into consideration and decided that I was not going to let myself alter to a mindless human being. I started paying more attention to my surroundings and what people say and how they say it, instead of playing on the computer, checking my myspace I would study the thesaurus by putting random words and finding other uses for it, and other routes for the word. Having an extinctive vocabulary makes you experience more things that life has to offer, like being able to have a conversation with out anyone ridiculing you, and being able to converse to someone and actually understand them. To walk out side and not be imbecilic, but realize what really life has to offer. The person that has no logic is going to lose to the person with logic.

At times it seems that students get leaned on and manipulated into doing what others want or think they should do. Because some students may have a disability or may not be as good as the so call "smart students", that may make them feel that they are not able to realize the consequences that are involved.

Take for example, words have also put us as a country into situations that sometimes we may have wondered if we would ever get out of. The war is one of those Instances, because of the words that were spoken between the people in control, we are now finding ourselves in what seems to be an endless war. So we as a people really need to watch how we say things, because you can never take back the words that you say. Words are a powerful tool, and should always be taken as a two-edge sword.

White lies are also something that people do, and sometimes they may not even know or realize that they are lying.

Students find themselves sometimes in a predicament, because they sometimes model the behavior of their classmates, and that leads to trouble. A lot of times, they do things just to see how far they go. This includes maybe telling a fib, every now and then.

Ask any student, and I will guarantee they will agree that to them they don't see anything wrong with telling a fib, because everyone does it.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I have learned quite a bit about the power of words, and I will be cautious the next time I start to say something I think may not be the best expression to use. I would not want to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone feel less of a person because of the words that may come from my mouth. One lesson I would really like to convey, is that everyone should really think before you speak. If I could leave one thing behind as a reminder to any student or adult, that would be, "ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK".