Prejudice in Canada

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We, mankind come in different skin colors, ethnic groups, religions and etc. If we do not know others very well, we tend to judge them from our previous experiences of persons from their same group, so they are judged even before we get to know them!Canada was once dominated by Caucasians; however, its prosperity attracted numerous immigrants from around the world. For the past few decades, Canada had become a "heterogeneous society", a multi-cultural country where different races and religions live in. because of Canada's multi-cultural properties, the majority of people from different races and religions understand and have respect to each other more. But, there are still discriminatory minorities that still prejudice against, or even discriminate some specific groups of people. Most of them are naïve and are heavily affected by the media. For example, black people, who are the most serious victims of racism, are often thought to be bad by prejudiced people because of their notoriety as criminals.

Another example is sexism. Sexism is often targeted to females, because throughout the years, males have dominated the politics and the rights to have education. Therefore, females are being stereotyped to be weaker and are not strong enough to become leader by sexists. As a result, females are less likely to be nominated in elections. Moreover, new immigrants of Canada also face prejudice when they apply for jobs. In general, they have weaker oral English, but that doesn't mean their skills on specific jobs are inferior to people who are born here, buy yet they are stereotyped to be less knowledgeable, and therefore lose many good job opportunities.

On the other hand, Canada can be referred as a "multicultural utopia" when you are comparing it to some extremely prejudiced countries like Israel and Lebanon. People there have...