Preparing for College

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People automatically assume college is fun, so when going into college you think you?re prepared, but you?re not. College is fun, but not all of my experiences have been great. First, registering for the classes you need is a big task, and secondly, finding the classes when on campus. Finally, one of the biggest problems I and many students have with college is the finances of college, but it all begins with registering for classes.

When I had gotten out of high school I wanted to have fun, so I put off signing up for classes. What I came to realize is that I would regret it. When the last minute came to register for classes I got stuck with classes I didn?t need or want, and time slots that were all mixed up. If I had knew what I knew now I wouldn?t of waited like I did. A solution for this is being prepared.

Know the important dates of the college you are attending, and if you need help always make an appointment with a counselor. Just make sure you have everything taken care of before you start your summer. This brings me to my next problem, finding your classes once on campus.

Yes, I know you want to be pretty for the first day of school, but give your self some time to locate your classes, especially if it is the first time on campus for you. Me, I only gave my self about five minutes my first day of class, and I was late about fifteen minutes, also I walked into the wrong class. The solution to this problem is when you go to register for classes grab a map and locate those classes after you have registered. You will make these real easier on your self.

Finally, the biggest problem for me and I know many students is college finances. I knew nothing about FASFA or a government fee waiver until it was to late. I had already killed my self paying for college and the whole time I could have been going to school for free. So as I said before be prepared. Go to your financial aid office and ask what loans and grants you qualify for.

So let college be for you. Be prepared; ask a lot of questions until you feel ready. Be knowledgeable about school functions and important dates. Know your surroundings.