This is a pretty good story about the scary aspects of a house.

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The Scariest Place for Me

The scariest place for me is my very own town .The surrounding, noise and the atmosphere will spook anyone who live in our town. I live in (your town). It is about (how far or how long) out of (any town, your state). Our town is known for the legends that have been told by our elders in the neighborhood .

The first scary aspect about our town is the surrounding. I live in a two-story house on a dark hill, next to a graveyard. The only light that reflects in my window is the light from the graveyard. It shines so bright as if it was the moonlight. It was said that the pallbearers did not dig the graves deep enough, and they would open at night. I believe something happens after dark because every dog in the neighborhood gather in the whispering woods and howl until daylight.

The next scary aspect about my neighborhood is the noises. We live back in the woods. Our house is described as the log cabin off in a deep thick forest, where the big tall trees droop over our house and whistle while the wind blows. It sometimes sound as if a train is coming through the yard. My bedroom is on the backside of the house.

At night I hear heavily footsteps walking through the woods crushing the fallen limbs as if someone step on a bag of Lays potato chips. As my heart beat faster and faster, the noise approach louder and louder. I jump up like a rabbit and hop into bed with my parents. Until this day I have to sleep with a nightlight so I can see a clear path to my bedroom door.

The last scary aspect about my town...