Prevention Strategies that Work to Reduce Violence

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I chose two programs that are community based. The first program is mainly for the parents and it encourages the parents to redefine their relationships with their children. The second program is youth community based program and it incorporates all areas of prevention.

Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities ?Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities Program is a unique mixing of various prevention/intervention strategies geared toward reducing violence against self, family and the community.?( ?The program targets ethnic and culturally diverse parents of children aged 3-18 years who are interested in raising children with a commitment to leading a violence free, healthy lifestyle.? ( ?The program goal is to reduce drug/alcohol use, teen suicide, juvenile delinquency, gang involvement, child abuse and domestic violence.

Short term objectives are to:? ( ? Increase parent sense of competence, ? Positive family/parent/child interactions, ? Positive parent/child relationships, ? Child self-esteem and self-discipline, ? Child social competency skills ? Increased parental involvement in community activities.

?The curriculum includes five major components:? ( ? Cultural/Spiritual Focus ? Rites of Passage ? Positive Discipline ? Enhancing Relationships ? Community Involvement The program consists of twelve 3-hour sessions and is available in wide variety of languages such as English, Spanish, and German. The community really engages themselves in this program and they allow the programs to be held in locations like churches, schools, and other places in the community. A pre- post test was designed and has been used to evaluate over 3000 parents so data can be gathered to evaluate the out comes on the parents and their families who complete this program. ?Results showed major improvements in parent sense of competence, family/parent/child interactions, and child behavior.?( evaluation also showed that participation in the program had a direct impact on increasing parent involvement in the Community Activities, School Involvement.?...