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How to Be Unsuccessful In School

Going to school is very beneficial, but if a student does not manage their time and enjoy learning, they will be unsuccessful in their studies. I am currently attending my fourth semester of college however I am still a freshmen. Becoming aware of the habits I had made in previous semesters helped me realize why I was having trouble achieving satisfactory grades. Because of my actions at the two previous institutions I wasted much of my time and money. After failing three semesters, I finally realized how unsuccessful I actually was. The reasons I was so unsuccessful were my lack of preparation, unmanageability, and I had no respect towards others in class. For the people who are unaware why these actions contributed to my failure in school, I will explain them.

First of all, a way to come to class unprepared would be coming to class late.

As a student I decided to go partying the night before a class and stay up until four o'clock in the morning instead of study. When the alarm went off at seven a.m., I decided to hit the snooze button. I would then crawl out of bed a half an hour later and take my time getting ready. By the time I arrived at school, I had already missed half of my Biology class. Because I was late to class, I was half awake, not prepared to learn, I was thinking of the night before, and I had also missed out on important points in the lecture. If this sort of thing rarely happened it would have been no major problem. However, I was either always late for my classes or sometimes I didn't even make an effort to show up at all. Not attending class...