What is Professionism?

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Throughout this course I have learned that there are many different occupations that fall under the description of professions. In the dictionary, the meaning of the term profession is an occupation that requires extensive education or specialized training. In my own words this means that to hold a professional job such as, pharmacy or in this case the college classroom, you must have a higher level of education than needed in other occupations. Professionism is a category of occupations that require sometimes on the site training and learning rather than completely from a classroom. In some jobs, the demand of occupations depends on the environment and its need in society. That is the opposite of occupations that usually fall under the category of professionism. From my own experience I am in this class to get a better understanding of what it takes to become a college professor and that, in my own opinion, will always be needed just as will a pharmacist, nurse or doctor.

Each of these takes years of training and higher learning to actually execute perfectly. Professionism can also be the certain guidelines that a professor has to follow for a job that is considered a profession. Those guidelines may consist of clothing, attitude, or just appearance in all. For example, one wouldn't normally go to a lawyer office looking for a job as a partner wearing Sean john blue jean shorts, a white tee with a black Atlanta hat on top of their head. Professionism is the rules and regulations that one should follow if they become employed by a job that is considered a profession.

Teaching can be an occupation that is not always done in the classroom. Teaching is an occupation that requires one to be able to expand or touch a student's mind...