Proposed changes for the 2007 St. Patrick's Day Parade

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Proposal on changes for the 2007 St. Patrick’s Day ParadeDirected to the Chairman of the parade committee and the President of the Ancient Order of HiberniansFirst of all I would like to extend my appreciation for the opportunity to Co-chair the Parade Committee of 2006. Due to few unavoidable situations and my nativity at coordinating such an important event, I have been educated thought trial and error. In this respect I would like the opportunity to share ideas and resources for next year.

I believe the parade could be utilized as a resource for the unity of our sisters and brothers in the Watervliet Ancient Order of Hibernians. We could use this important event to streamline critical oversights such as social member recognition, membership drives and letting everyone know who we our through the shared celebration of our heritage. At this point I am hesitant on mentioning the pitfalls of the past few years but in order to see the gravity I must.

Yearly this event is treated as a chore and not a resource or a privilege as it should be. From the lack of participation to the feeble showing at the march and the awkward after-events, we show a lack of unity and brotherhood not to mention, pride in our heritage.

Changing this event could lead to increase in membership, the bonding of our members and truly supporting the values of our heritage. I believe that a formal year round committee would be in the Clubs best interest. Not only is this practiced by all the other fraternal organizations in the Committee but also we could utilize this standing committee to fulfill some of the tenants of our motto. The outline for this program is fairly simple and would help decrease the expenditures that the men’s AOH obligates...