The Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Usage

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I believe that a cell phone both helps and hinders everyones' lifestyles. However, I have a cell phone and it helps my lifestyle. Many things that have happened in recent years helped me decide that i needed to buy a cell phone.

When cell phone became popular, I never thought I would buy one. I went for so long with out one, why would i need one now? I thought it would be a pain to have to take phone calls while I was out. That's what i have an answering machine for at home.

The first time I thought about getting a pgone was when my first child was born. When I went into labor, my husband was a work. He works in a machine shop and never heard the phone ringing. I then called my parents. They were out shopping and if it wasn't for their cell phone i would have had to call an ambulance.

I finally made my decision when i found out that i'm severly allergic to bee stings. Everytime i am stung by a bee I have less time to breath. I now use my phone to call 911. I have approx. 3 minutes until my throat sweels up and can no longer breath.

Last year, if it wasn't for my cell phone i may not be alive today. I was stung whil camping and needed help right away.

There are definetly people in this world that wouldn't know what to do without their cell phones. I, however only use mine for emergencies and plan on keeping it that way.