Proving a Point (A Creative Writing Vent)

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let me set up the scenario here..

your parents want you to housesit for a weekend,and your responsibilities include taking care of the house, making sure its clean,feeding the dogs and cats..and last but not least.. babysitting your sisters.

now your supposed to be down there on a thursday, you have a class ending at 4:45 , and you have to drive on IH-35 north through austin.. keeping in mind you have to take care of your sisters, your stuck in traffic for 2 hours through Austin,Round Rock and Georgetown.. you get to Crawford, and you get a call from the parents asking where you are ,while they are in say i was stuck in traffic, and i was trying to get home, they say well the girls are home you go 80 into China Spring, cause two 15 year olds are afraid to be home alone..but

yet you come home to them sitting in the dark on the computer, there only complaint is "we are bored" you almost died to get to the house and they tell you they were bored ..not then you see your parents left you an envelope of money...okay so you count it .. 140 dollars..

this would be divided like this fair for both girls- 9.00 wristband for both girls-25.00 gas and food ..the rest..

you notice.. only 20 bucks would be your payment for sparring your life and wasting your weekend cleaning up after two girls.. in gross Waco,Tx. could have been hanging out with your friends in San Marcos, or getting that important HISTORY paper done..instead your a victim to them day 2 you get a call from the parents.. asking you to go pick up your fathers perscription.. but they arent sure if its gonna be...