Psychology's effects on the mentally unstable children.

Essay by Shma March 2003

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The presure that is continuesly pushed onto the unstable is unbarible to many. The pain is increased, and the sence of torture is more then the reality for the patient. Everything that they suffer could be increased dramatically. For many who cannot escape the presedures that are put to work, their lives become nothing more then a hollow shell. Even though they beleive with all their power, mind and soul that they are in the right, that they are doing all this for their patients own good, they may be doing more harm to their patient then what was already inflicted. Some mentally unstable people would sell their soul to go through with the phsychology work and such. but some would rather die then go through with it. With children having not a choice in the matter, its as if people gather around and toss stones repetidly, not heading to the repeated cries from the young one for them to halt.

Going through a lot of testing, questions and much more, children can feel they are simply a problem for them to fix. Some children who just wish for everyone to go away, may lie to get away. Stop the piles of medication at his or her feet. Or may even go farther and stop breathing, living and end their life...and all the torture that could have been easily avoided. But parents who know of nothing to do beleive they are doing the best they can and that what they are doing is in the best intrest of the child. But they need to be more informed on the subject, and the psychologists need to understand their actions more then they do.