Quantitative Vs. Qualitative

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Qualitative Vs. Quantitative

In class, we have covered two main approaches in studying communications. One was the Qualitative method, which undertook various measures in qualitative data; that is to say, words and not numbers. The other method was the Quantitative method, which favors numerical data as superior. Some researchers prefer to choose a method, and practice that method for the rest of their careers. Others like to switch between methods, or even combine methods and execute their research as such. I will choose a method of research and argue why it is superior to the other. I will show that the Quantitative method is superior to the qualitative.

In the Quantitative method, researchers gather numerical data and use that as their proving grounds. Quantitative researchers create fixed relationships between the items being studied. It utilizes the scientific method in formulating theorems. The Quantitative method also answers the three metatheoretical questions of: ontology, epistemology, and axiology.

Those are the three main questions that are answered when conducting any theoretical experiments. And those questions are all answered when utilizing the Quantitative method. In order to explain how the quantitative method accurately deduces theorems, we must first know what questions are asked. Using the three ones as stated serves as a base. Questions of ontology probe what is real and what isn't. Epistemogical questions how do we know and what is knowledge? And finally, the axiological aspect questions what place do personal values have in research.

In epistemology, there can be two basic positions that can be taken. One is the objectivist, that is, believe that it is possible to explain the world because there is some truth out there, and we just have to uncover it. The other position, subjectivist, states that the truth that I don't personally...