Queen Elizabeth

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"I am no mans Elizabeth" In the movie Elizabeth, Francis Walsingham engaged in a strategic way when he took it upon himself to lock up six Bishops that were against Queen Elizabeth's Act of Uniformity. The fact that he would take it upon himself to understand that in order for Elizabeth to be able to have an honest chance to win over the other bishops and members of the council, the six bishops that were locked up were not to be in attendance. When it was time for Elizabeth to make her speech about the act, Walsingham took custody of the six bishops who would pose the greatest threat to Elizabeth's intended address. In response, Elizabeth stated, "I do this not for myself, but for my people." After the council had voted, Walsingham allowed the bishops out of the cell he had them locked into stating, "Her majesty has won, on a count of five votes."

Another time that Walsingham acted in a strategic manner was when he showed Elizabeth the list of suspects plotting to overthrow her and overtake her empire. At first when he showed her the list, she refused to understand the fact that her long time lover would plot to have her hurt, stating, "A man would confess to just about anything under pressure." Although at first she did not wish to recognize the truth, Walsingham proved to Elizabeth that those who plotted against her where not going to hold out much longer, and that their plan to take her out would rule out all the authority that she had managed to achieve. Elizabeth replied by stating, "I will have one mistress here, and no master," and then allowed Walsingham to do as he saw fit to take care and eliminate those who threatened to...