The Race for Aurumia

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The Race for Aurumia

Aurumia. Everyone's dream. The last country above water. The last piece of land above water. Or we thought. Now an evil clan is going to unite one precious artefact to another in Aurumia. But first they have to beat the rebellion, the home team. Home vs. Away. Which one will win? Which one will lose? Who will prevail?

Zac Crate had to do something. He was the leader of the rebellion. His people were shocked after the news. What could he do about the Dark Cult? They came to do something and that something was to slide the Golden Sword back into Aurum Hilt. Two totally different kinds forged as one to make these artefacts. Now only the artefacts remain. The good thing, they don't have the hilt. The bad, they've got the sword.

If these two pieces reunite then the city of Aurum would be set into turmoil.

Mystical powers will uplift soil. Tremendous earthquakes will rock the earth. Seas will develop into giant tidal waves. Everything will be irreversible. There will be no survivors, even if it ever ends. All this chaos caused by the joining of two pieces of gold.

CRASH! Something's happened in the city. "Oh no. Let it not be the Dark Cult. They can't have come so soon. This is too soon. How ever did they come pass the thick rock walls and evade our outposts?" Zac Crate said.

"ARRRGGGHHH!" screamed a civilian. The second CRASH deafened the scream halfway. A dark figure was emerging from the hole in the wall. Two dark figures. The whole clan had emerged. To the temple thought Zac, as he knew he could not win against a single Dark Cult member as against the whole Cult.

Rushing into the temple he bolted...