this is a reaction essay to a section of the annals of america. It is a reaction to a speech by sammuell davies about fighting for one's country

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Reaction Essay to "The Curse of Cowardice" by Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies, a noted Presbyterian educator in Virginia, early acquired a reputation as one of the greatest orators in his generation. After Braddock's defeat at the hands of the French and Indians at Fort Dunquesne in 1775, Davies delivered a powerful sermon: "The Curse of Cowardice" on a Christian's duty to defend his country. The fervor of Davies' appeal stimulated such a rush of recruits that some had to be turned away. (annals 25) Davies wrote this document in 1778 to petition for more volunteers in the militia so that they could fight alongside the British to defend their homes. It's principle was and is to rationalize the grounds that a Christian should step up to fight and if necessary kill to defend his Country and not to hide behind his religion. This selection can be found on pages 23-28 of The Annals of America volume 2.

This powerful manuscript outlines the obligation of a man to his Country and to God, and to himself. This entire sermon can be summarized in a single verse from the Old Testament, Jeremiah 48:10; which reads: Cursed be he that doth the work of the Lord deceitfully; and cursed be he that keepth his sword from blood. This one verse gives the impression that this address will be quite simple, but in fact it is a five and one half page discourse with five major points. The first of these five points is that there is an enormous dilemma looming over the lives of English colonists and God has granted them the right to stand and come to blows. This crisis is that the French are coming to defile their lifestyle and no one wants to try to stop them. They will...