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Many people have come to rely on reality TV shows to live life vicariously and possibly ignoring their own problems. Many reality shows are mainly about making money, deception, lying, or even so far as showing how to use sex to win. Such is the case in ?The Apprentice?, ?Survivor?, or worse ?Big Brother?. In The Apprentice it?s all about the participant making money. Big Brother is mostly about sex and deception. Survivor is about strategizing multiple alliances then stabbing them in the back to win. These kind of shows do not teach good social values especially to the younger viewers. Today the world is so full of images and messages promoting self-interest that many think that this is the norm. ?Extreme Make Over: Home Edition? on the other hand is a show that is about helping people and shows the viewers that there is more to life than being self-centered.

Many of the families that are chosen to be on Extreme Make Over: Home Edition have been elected by members of the community that knows first hand of thier plight, though not all, some do write in for themselves. For the families like the Bliven family of Minot, North Dakota that had the community step up and wrote in for them. The Bliven family?s 14 year old son, Aaron, was born with cerebral palsy. The family was very involved in the community even starting a little league called ?Dream Catchers? made entirely of children of special needs after Aaron was asked to leave the local little league for ?safety? reasons. Michelle, the mother, received the ?Hometown Hero? Award for her efforts creating this team where every player is of special needs as well. This showed to the community that she was a very determined to give her child everything...