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Have you ever thought about what you do with the newspaper after you read it? When I was really young, I usually used New York Times as kindling. These days the papers are very useful to lay under a hot pot or to wrap up leftovers. Sometimes we can see the president?s face turn red or smell bad on a newspaper in a trashcan. We live in a torrent of papers. Superficially, there is no reason why we do not use papers for personal purposes. When people buy newspapers, the papers belong to those people and should be treated as personal belongings. Personal belongings are not thrown down outside. Therefore, since new papers are personal belongings, they should be disposed of properly and recycled.

We live in a society filled with plentiful resources; on the other hand, we live in a torrent of trash too. When I was a girl in Korea, I wore my sister?s clothes and used my brother?s books.

My mom always said hand-me-downs were good for my family and my country. My family saved money and I would feel love between sisters. At that time we were not worried about trash because we did not have much stuff. It was natural for all of us to save money. We could also learn love from saving.

But times have changed. We are threatened with trash problems every day. The population of the earth is increasing continuously, and trash is also increasing. As a matter of fact, Four pounds of trash come from average American everyday and a person generates 1,460 pounds of trash every year (Smith). The number of workers cleaning our surroundings has been increased. It is time to pay attention to the trash problem. Have you ever imagined the street and house filled with papers,