The Red Carpet Treatment at Red Lobster

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Just like a small child anticipating his or her birthday, I start the countdown to the next one within just a few days of celebrating one. Just to get the same thing from my husband that he gives me every year, it's what I like to call, THE RED CARPET TREATMENT at RED LOBSTER. We prefer Red Lobster because of the food, atmosphere, and location.

The superior objective of our Red Carpet Treatment is a combination of the drinks and seafood, and at Red Lobster is's escellent and well worht the price. I start with a strawberry daiquiri that's to die for. Made with real strawberries in tall hurricane goblets, it's a picture of perfeciton, and I hate to strt drinking it. After finishing the first one, they are kind of like Lay's potato chips - you can't drink just one. My meal consists of an appetizer which includes shrimp cocktail and oysters on the half shell along with an entree of Alaskan King Crab legs with their butter and garlic sauce.

This meal, fit for the captain's table is woth the money, and I've never been diappointed with the food.

Equal to the great food is the significant seaworthy atmosphere. The decor is like being on the deck of the very boat that caught your meal. The waiters and waitresses treat you as if you are the captin, and they just love being aboard your boat. Although we ae just everyday people, during this once a year extravaganza, we are Captians of our own boats. For a Captain's dining experience, this place has the perfect menu and atmoshpere.

To top it off, Red Lobster is located right off the interstate in Texarkana. The convenience of being able to run interestate highway all the way, exiting almost directly into their...