Reflection Question: was slavery necessary for the economic growth of america? Here, i say it is not necessary

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Slavery was not necessary for the economic growth of America. Without slavery, America could still have made the economic growth. There are many reasons why slavery did not help the economic growth of America.

First, slavery issue was one of the main causes of the civil war. According to Mrs. Collins, a RLA/SS teacher at SAS and also a historian, "There were three issues that brought the civil war. Those were the tariff issue, the slavery issue, and the Federal Government Issue". The civil war made the economic growth of America to stop. If slavery were not adapted to America, then there would have been no conflict between the North and the South. Then the civil war would not have happened and America could have economically grown more rapidly.

Secondly, the slavery was unnecessary because it prevented the South from being industrialized. Today, America is one of the strongest countries because it is most industrialized and high technology country.

If the South had won the war, America might have been an agricultural country instead of an industrialized country. "America was starting to be a industrialized country as soon as the North have won the civil war," said Alvin Toffler, in his book, The Third Wave.

The economic growth of America did not necessarily require slavery. America could still have economic progress without the slaves of the South. The growth was even more rapid than before.