Religious Respect Between Arabs and Americans

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We should respect other people's beliefs like we want them to respect ours. The Arabs have their god, which is Allah, while we have our God, Jesus Christ. They have been taught from a very young age like seen in the video. They have to worship their god and follow their prophets. The worst part of these teaching is how little kids around the ages of four and five sing and praise their god with such joy and jubilee that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for him, literally.

For example, the family and the man himself, Ahmed Assil, the modern-day suicide bomber. He gave up his life for Allah. The thing about this is that his family is proud of him, especially his father. They are so focused on what the Koran, their bible, says. They would not mind sacrificing another son to Allah. How can that be? How can a father, a mother sacrifice their son like that? We have to be proud of our soldiers.

They are giving their lives out in the battlefields for their country. They suffer day and night being away from their friends and loved ones. We have to pray to God for them every day, to protect them out there and guide them back home. We Hispanics have to pray for our people, they have also been taken away from their loved ones; they are representing us out in the Middle East.

Take as an example Lieutenant Torres who we saw in the video. He leads his group full of enthusiasm and energy. We all know and bet that he must be tired and wanting to just take a bath and relax with his family, but he does not show that. He is there leading an army of soldiers and fighting for our country. He reminds his soldiers what are there rules, look out for each other, do not compromise your defense, and so forth.

All United States of America is proud of our brave soldiers Black, White, Hispanics; they are all out there protecting us. Again, we have to pray to God to put his hand in the battlefields and protect all our men and women in the Middle East, to bring them all back home safe and sound.