Renewable Energy

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What would happen if sources of world energy suddenly disappeared? Fossil fuel which meets most of the world demand is being used up faster than ever. They are also major sources of global problems, such as green house effect, acid rain, habitual lose and pollution which poses great danger to the world. One solution to all these problems would be to switch to renewable energy. There are numerous reason to change from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

One reason for change to renewable energy is the long term economic benefit that it will bring to a country .The economic benefit includes reduction in budget spent on importing fossil fuel ,create employment opportunities An average person spends about $1900 on energy purchases a year (_). Energy purchases represent a significant cost on a country especially when the energy is imported. This is because of money leaves the country and goes to supplier of fossil fuel.

Once the money leaves the country, they are not available to foster the local economy. These imports of fossil fuel have negative effect on local companies in term of income and jobs. Jacob an economist said ?local government should keep energy money at home?.. the answer lies in renewable energy investment? (_) There are two main reason why renewable energy offers an economies advantage. Firstly they are labors intensive providing a wide range of employment opportunities, from high-tech manufacturing of solar cell components to maintains jobs at wind power plants. According to Wisconsin energy bureau ?Investment in locally available renewable energy generates more job, greater earnings, and higher output?.. then continued reliance on import fuel.? Due to the fact renewable energy uses natural resources such as wind, sun, and tidal wave which can be locally harassed in any country (_) using appropriate technology.