The report of B.A.T tobacco company

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Executive summaryThis paper is essentially on British American tobacco Company. Its focus on how the company is going to achieving the leadership of UK tobacco by market a new brand of cigarettes. British American tobacco Company aim to introduce the new brand cigarettes in the market and B.A.T will provide a variety of creative and innovative cigarettes to customers, with the marketing objective of achieve the leadership of the UK cigarettes industry. In order to be famous the company needs to do many efforts to increase market product to current and potential customers. Therefore, plan following by promotion is set up to reach the goals. The company is going to highlight some point, such as social take responsibility, the benefits of new product, market strategies and the promotion of our product. British American Tobacco Company will positioning itself as market leader in tobacco and cigarettes market by creating new brand and developing a market in UK, also year 2009 will be challenging for as us and the British American tobacco Company move towards a different level in market expansion.

BackgroundTobacco is grown in more than 100 countries. China is the world抯 leading producer. Other principal suppliers are the United States, India, Brazil, Turkey, Zimbabwe and Malawi and UK. Most tobacco is used for smoking. The essential components of tobacco for cigarettes are pipes, cigars, roll-your-own, bidis, and kretek cigarettes. Tobacco is also used for smokeless tobacco such as snuff and chewing tobacco. More than 80 per cent of world tobacco is used for cigarettes (Liemt, 2002).

The global tobacco industry runs in a challenging environment. Tightening regulation, rising excise rates on the tobacco products and the impact of illicit trade. Also tobacco products pose risks to health and tobacco industry can be seen as controversial. British American tobacco (B.A.T)...