This report is about Managing Your Emotions, which is an Interpersonal Communitaon Goal. A lot of time and effort was put in this, so it should get a good grade!!

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Interpersonal Communication Goal

In this writing assignment we are to choose a communication goal that we have learned about during the semester in this class. This goal is one that should be breakthrough in our interpersonal communication skills and should also be concrete. We should pick this goal with the thought in mind that we should have an internal commitment towards this goal.

There is a goal, that ever since we went over it I thought that I could improve on. This was something that I realized I wasn't controlling in my communication, so this is the reason for me choosing this particular goal. This goal of mine is Managing Your Emotions that is part of the Conflict Management Skills. I realize that there are many different steps to this subject/goal, but I think that I could improve probably on all the areas, even if I'm doing well in some areas, there is always room for more development.

This would definitely be a breakthrough for me because when I'm communicating and I get in a heated conversation, I tend to get really into it. I do realize when this is happening, but I never really knew how to control it. I would try certain things that I thought would help, but they never work. After going over this skill in class and reading about it in the book, I can now approach the problem in a different manner. Hopefully this will solve my communication gap. I'll basically go over each of the section and describe some things that I could improve, since this is such a broad topic with many steps involved. One thing I'll do in this report (I guess as a little game) is I will give my self a "point" every time I believe that I have...