A Report outlining the Biological Bases of Training and Exercise in Athletics (1500m).

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A Report outlining the Biological Bases of Training and Exercise in Athletics (1500m).

Name: Nicola Carter

Recipient: Mr. Fogarty

Date due: 18/11/02

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Statement of purpose

1.2 Statement of audience

1.3 Statement of significance

1.4 Statement of parameters

1.5 Statement of methodology

1.6 Statement of limitations

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2.0 Findings

2.1 The three energy systems

2.1.1 The Anaerobic energy system The Creatine Phosphate system The Lactic Acid system

2.1.2 The Aerobic energy system

2.2 Training methods

2.2.1 Interval Training

2.2.2 Continuous Training

2.2.3 Fartlek Training

2.3 Specificity

2.4 Components of fitness

2.4.1 The four health component Cardiovascular Fitness Body Composition Flexibility Muscular Strength and Endurance

2.4.2 The four sport/ skill components Agility Balance and Co-ordination Speed Power

2.5 1500m Skills & Requirements

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3.0 Conclusions

3.1 Components of fitness needed for the 1500m

3.2 Energy systems for 1500m

3.3 Training methods for 1500m

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4.0 Recommendations

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5.0 Bibliography

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Training Program

1.1Purpose- The purpose of this report is to investigate the biological bases of training and exercise relating to the participation and performance in athletics, specifically 1500m.

1.2Audience- this report was commissioned by the Health and Physical Education Department of Canterbury College for the benefit of, the general public who may be interested in increasing their knowledge with regard to training, in particular athletics.

1.3Significance- this report shows the different training methods used in order to obtain your maximum endurance and optimum fitness.

1.4Parameters- this report is confined to a discussion of the energy systems and training programs as they relate to the athletics event of the 1500 metres.

1.5Methodology- the Internet and textbooks were used to obtain relevant information to complete this report.

1.6Limitations- Research books found,