Research Cloning Where to Draw the Line?

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Charles Krauthammer, the author of ?Crossing Lines: A Secular Argument Against Research Cloning?, claims that research cloning is a dangerous practice that could open the door to severe exploitation of human life. Krauthammer thinks that even if boundaries and guidelines surrounding the issue are in place, there is no guarantee that unethical practices would not occur. He strongly believes that we should be aware of and careful to prevent less than ethical actions that may arise from certain individuals conducting such research.

Krauthammer uses effective arguments when supporting his claim on research cloning. He explains the processes involved in stem-cell research, research cloning, and reproductive cloning. He then elaborates on his stance regarding the issue by breaking his argument down into four objections. Krauthammer tries to reason with his readers in a manner that may persuade a reader to see things his way. For this reason, he appeals more to logos (reasoning) when trying to persuade his audience.

He doesn?t use quotes from creditable sources or try to make you feeling sorry for someone. Instead, he uses logic and reasoning to make his point.

Krauthammer stated that, ?many advocates of research cloning see nothing but thingness. That view justifies the most ruthless exploitation of the embryo. That view is a very dangerous one? (221). He then goes on to explain four main reasons why research cloning is dangerous. Krauthammer titles his objections Intrinsic Worth, The Brave New World Factor, The Slippery Slope, and Manufacture. While explaining his objections Krauthammer uses a passive yet informative tone and addresses his audience as a group of reasonable people who are capable of understanding the argument at hand. He then persuades his audience by reasoning with them and elaborating on three main examples that cause the audience to get involved or take a...