This is a research paper about the death penalty.

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This paper is about the death penalty. The death penalty is a very complicated subject with various opinions to criticize it. Many people claim that the death penalty is against the human rights, which everyone is entitled to. Even though the execution of convicts has stopped in many countries the last years, still yet in a minority of uncivilized countries apply this brutal "law".

Threw questionnaires, we will try to form the opinion of the Greek society on this subject. To be clear, I must repeat that this pilot research is interested only on the opinion of the Greek society and that is because it takes place in Greece, so it would be subjective not to put this "tag" on it. This means that the questionnaires were distributed strictly to Greeks and not to people of different nationality.

The number of the questionnaires (20) is quite small, compared to the size of the issue, but still it can pinpoint a general belief that is commonly accepted.

The questionnaires were shared equally to men and women, in order to maintain stability in the final conclusion (10 questionnaires were answered by men and 10 by women). Speaking about the ages of those who applied this process, we can say that they varied from 18 to 30 without anyone older than 30 answering the questionnaire. This tells us that the conclusion will be based and true only for the rather young generation of the Greek society and not the elder one.

The questions were chosen and phrased in a way that would help us "see" the general image of ever persons thoughts on the particular issue, without spending much of their time, because as it is known, questionnaires must be rather quick and easy to answer or else they will be...