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Research helps us to discover, investigate, and gain knowledge of events, laws, or any other situations that may interest us. There are many benefits to research and during this class, I am hoping to learn more about the power of research and learn how to perform research thoroughly. Research helps us to gather results and those results help us to provide a foundation for the interpretation of the collected data. In this paper, I will attempt to define business research and its purpose, explain the business problem under investigation from the article found in a newspaper, and describe the method used to conduct the research project.

Research is the study of finding more information regarding a situation or gaining knowledge about something that a person(s) wants to know more about. Research is conducted in order to obtain more knowledge about something that may not be clear to an individual or business.

The type of research a business conducts highly depends on the information they need and the resources that are available to the organization. Some businesses have big decisions to make based on different things such as customer complaints, new products, employee satisfaction (or lack of), or preparation for a meeting for clients or stockholders, it really depends on what type of information is needed and for what purpose. The first step to performing research is discovering the problem and figuring out what questions need answers or what dilemma they are trying to solve.

The article I found is based on salary research and this is just one of the articles based on a three-part article. The article explains how a company collects its data for the salary search engine, advice for people trying to seek salary information, warnings regarding trying to persuade your employer to increase your salary, and...