A responce to: The Significance of the Bible as a Source of Ethical Authority for Christians.

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The Significance of the Bible as a Source of Ethical Authority for Christians.

This response will explain the principle ethics for the lives of Catholics and how the Bible is their most prominent reference and source of authority for which these ethics can be found in.

The Catholic people believe that there is no greater being than God, God who created everything that is and that will be. Catholics give God the greatest and most powerful status there is, they "have none other gods before me (him)-1st commandment", to them God is the supreme object of worship. Therefore to "adore God is to acknowledge him as God, as the Creator and Savior, the Lord and Master of everything that exists, as infinite and merciful Love-Catechism's 2096".

Henceforth Catholic's see God as their almighty teacher and must obey his commands on how to live their lives, seeing as there is no other greater authority than him.

For "active Catholic's, the Christian Bible acts as their shoes, it is the one single substance that they cannot be without when stepping out into the social world-William Temple 'Christian Social Order'". Catholic's use and refer to the bible as their source for how God wants them to act (though moral order), which is conveyed within the principle ethics the Bible teaches. "The Bible, together with its values and principles is the standard for Catholic ethics- handout on 'Moral Teachings'".

The significance of the Bible being the Catholic peoples source for ethical authority is that the Bible is fundamentally the word of their all holy God. It is the way in which their God has chosen to communicate with the people and must be obeyed and respected as it comes from such a high and powerful source, "The basis of the bible's authority is...