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There are so many good restaurants to go to in Baton Rouge, but the restaurant that you would love to go to is Ruby Tuesday. Ruby Tuesday is known for its history and kid friendly environment. The atmosphere is very energetic and calm at the same time. The staff there is very energetic and the food is divine; also very affordable.

About thirty years ago Ruby Tuesday was founded by a man name Sandy Beall and four of his college friends from the University of Tennessee. They got together to think of a restaurant that everybody would love and they found just that. When they thought of a restaurant they thought about the kids; when you walk in Ruby Tuesday they provide the children with kid readable menu and a coloring book with crayons to keep them busy and not in the way of other patrons at the restaurant.

The kids menu provides you with Mac and Cheese, little bite size cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and for the health conscious parents who want their children to eat nothing but the essential they offer a salad buffet that will make you cry.

When you walk in Ruby Tuesday the atmosphere is very electric; you can smell the food when you walk in and you can see all the people laughing and enjoying their food. The atmosphere can also be calming when you want to get away and find someplace to be alone they will sit you in a nice little booth in the back away from others. Also the place is clean; you will never see a dirty floor there.

The food at Ruby Tuesday can rival a five star restaurant; it's neatly made and the food will have your taste buds screaming for more. The food they serve there...