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John Singleton?s movie, ?Boyz N? the Hood? tries to show what it?s like to live in the hood in inner-city America. There are many differences between the realities of an upper class and a lower class society. One may see the difference when analyzing how society has an impact on the choices you make in life, the impact with a father figure in the hood, the impact even just one person can make on many people, and the impact of many other thing as well.

Making choices while living in the hood, many times can decide whether you are going to live or not. In the society in the hood, most of the time you have to shoot first or risk being shot. In ?Boyz N? The Hood?, Furious Styles (Laurence Fishburne) notices and then preaches why there are gun shops and liquor stores in practically every corner of the hood.

He notices that America is doing this because they want people in the hood to all shoot each other to death. The white people are slowly buying the hood and owning it, owning the hood; owns the people in it. Where you live can very well determine how you are going to make your decisions. In the West Island, if someone were to get shot and killed, it would be all of the news and newspapers the next day, and the cops would be looking for the killer. In the hood however, if someone were killed, the cops wouldn?t do a thing about it. In that type of society someone wouldn?t even bother asking the cops for help and they would go out looking for the killer themselves most likely already knowing who it is. The part in ?Boyz N? The Hood? where Ricky Barker (Morris Chestnut...