The Right to Bear Arms

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After our Constitution was ratified in 1789 some congressmen were still unhappy. They demanded that some changes or "amendments" needed to be made. These changes were listed in what became the Bill of Rights. An issue that the early Americans found very relevant and important at this time was the right to bear arms. As a result they ratified the second amendment to our constitution which reads "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." We are given this right in order to protect our lives as well as the lives of our families. The world has become a deadly place and firearms are effective tools when it comes to protecting yourself from danger. With the new threat of terrorism it now makes even more sense to own guns. We saw on September 11th, 2001 how vulnerable we truly are.

If our safety is threatened knowing that we can protect our selves or find someone to help without relying on the police to respond in time makes me feel very secure. We cannot tell what may happen next, but we can be better prepared by arming ourselves. We are weaker if we are disarmed. We have nothing to defend ourselves with if not for the Second Amendment. The right to bear Arms was written not only so we can be protected from criminals, but from a tyrannical government. A government and its Army has too much power over its people if they are disarmed.

Hunting and shooting as sports have both become American traditions as much as any other sport. Because these sports involve guns which can be very dangerous teaches the sportsman responsibility. Gun sports are not given the credit they are due. Trap shooting and skeet shooting are quickly becoming very popular activities in America. They are shown in primetime television, receive a high number of viewers and have 40 million participants throughout the United States. Thirteen million Americans, six percent of America over the age of 16, are licensed hunters. It is a popular myth that hunters destroy the environment when in fact they find themselves very close with nature and do not harm it. In fact, more than $300 million was donated to over 100,000 wildlife conservation foundations in 2003. Furthermore, all members of the National Rifle Association abide by NRA Hunter's Code of Ethics which emphasizes safe and responsible gun ownership as well as conservation of wildlife.

A popular reason for owning guns is the fact that it is in the Bill of Rights which cannot be taken away. The percentage of gun owners who commit crimes with their guns is very low. The Constitution does not limit the possession of any firearm therefore it is a right granted to all Americans. Owning a gun does not dictate a persons intent to commit a crime.

In conclusion the right to bear Arms allows us to protect ourselves and our families by any means necessary. It also provides us with enjoyable recreation and sport. In order to create a safe and secure nation the right to bear Arms is absolutely necessary if not we are merely "sitting ducks" with no means of defending ourselves from unknown "hunters".