“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

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This poem gives a very realistic and meaningful tour of a walk through life that we must all take when facing decisions in our lives and the different paths that we must take to learn and experience our destiny. The poem shares with us the writer?s journey over the course of his life, the choices he was faced with and decisions he had to make.

The Road Not Taken is a poem with a very important meaning behind it. It is one that everyone can relate to in respect to their own life. The writer is faced with the two choices of how his life could progress and he must decide which road is best for him. He must also accept his decision if the choice that he makes ultimately turns out not to be the best decision. Through this poem the writer gives us a symbolic image of an individual facing the hard irreversible choice of a time in his life where he must make a life altering decision.

?I doubted if I should ever come back?. (Frost, Robert, Line 15) This image is portrayed in the writer?s words by leaving a feeling of sadness by the decision that he has made. ?I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence;? (Lines 16, 17).

The writer effectively portrays his meaning and significance of his poem through a very skillful technique of word selection. This technique is simple but very powerful. His detailed way of offering imagery gives the reader a chance to vividly think about their own lives and become conscious of the road that they have taken.