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Shakespeare has stated in one of his plays that "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely player" (Shakespeare, 1600). What Shakespeare was saying here is close to the truth that all people play roles within society. The workplace, school, family, and such are the stages where those roles are played out. This paper will show how the roles that are played within teams, if not properly structured with communication, can lead to a downfall of the team.

Teams are a very good thing but need certain roles to function properly. The most important role would be that of the team leader. The Human Resource Management International Digest states that the major role of this person is to create unity within the team and to keep everyone on the correct tasks (Making teamwork work, 2003). A good team leader will show respect to each of the members and also have a good understanding of the goals that need to be completed.

The team members will also all have roles to fill as one may work on the research, another the editing, and another the compiling.

Team dynamics represent a young field of organizational behavior that researches how teams operate and the patterns that persist within group structures. Roles are the behaviors that one member of the team expects out of another (Kreitner−Kinicki, 2003). Roles can be as general as the expected behaviors of a father to be a protector and provider for his family or for a minister to be an upright person of faith. Roles can provide a sense of security but can also provide conflict if one person's view of the role is different than another.

A role conflict exists if there are two differing view on how a role should...