A Rose for Emily

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A Rose for Emily

Emily Grierson, noble Southern lady full of dignity forced to grow up in the tumultuous times after the Civil War. Protected by her father from the ills of the outside world, she soon finds herself facing a life of loneliness and despair. I believe that the narrator's reference to Miss Emily, as a "fallen monument" is a symbol, representing the difference between the Old South and the New South. He depicts miss Emily as part of the Old South, reluctant or unable to change with the times after the Civil War. She represents the traditional Old South in the town and is well respected in the community.

She and her father lived in "a big, squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lightsome style of the seventies," set on the formerly most select street in the town.

Miss Emily's father was a pillar of the community and close friends with Colonel Sartoris, who was Mayor of the town of Jefferson, where they reside. The Griersons are well respected and are looked up to, but, because of the tragedies of the Civil War, have lost most of their wealth, leaving them with only their homestead and dignity.

Upon the death of Miss Emily's father, Colonel Sartoris, knowing that the Griersons are basically penniless, devises a plan to remit Miss Emily's future taxes on the homestead to help her maintain the dignity of the Grierson name; she accepts this from the Colonel. Although Sartoris' arrangement relieves her of some of the financial burdens, it does not and cannot help with the loneliness that she feels. This is evident when her father dies and she refuses to accept his death out...