Saint Sebesation

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Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian was born at Narbonne, Gaul, which is now a part of France. Sebastian seemed to have evrything going for him. He was the son of a wealthy Roman family and was educated in Milan. Sebastian was offered many privilages and oppourtunitites. When he grew up he became an officer of the Imperial Roman Army and captain of the guard. Sebastian was a good friend and a favorite of Diocletian the Emperor. Sebastian could have anything he wanted and have any kind of life he wanted. But, Sebastian, a Christian decided to go into the military during a time of persecution. This decision was not to save his own life, but in order to put himself in a position to comfort the martyrs. He comforted the martyrs by encouraging them to remian firm in their faith. Sebastian was said to have done this with Marcellian and Marcus.

As a member of the military, the ones who captured and guarded the persecuted Christians, he was in an ideal place to stay with them, encourage them, and even alleviate their sufferings without anyone being suspicious.

Diocletian the Emperor hated Christians. He started a 'persecution' of Christians, which meant that they were arrested and executed if they did not reject God and Jesus Christ. As more and more Christians died, it was inevitable that Sebastian would be found out. Finally, Sebastian decided to end his secrecy. Sebastian visited his Christian brothers in prison, bringing them supplies and some comfort. This bravery and integrity in the face of persecution converted soldiers, a governor, and many others to the Christian faith. Obviously, God and faith of the Christians was more important and more compelling then life itself. Eventually, he was discovered.

Charged as a Christian, Diocletian asked Sebastian to deny...