Same Sex Marriages

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People shouldn't tell other people what is right or what is moral because everyone has different beliefs and there are so many different religions. For instance, just because (hypothetically speaking) I don't agree with same-sex marriages because my religion tells me that it's wrong doesn't mean I have the right to decide whether two men or two women can or can't get married. It would be the same thing as if an atheist told a believer that he or she can't worship God because he (the atheist) doesn't think it's right. It just doesn't happen because people can make their own decisions, and even though I am personally against it, I think gays and lesbians should be the ones who decide if they get married or not.

"The union of a man and a woman is the most enduring institution, honored and encouraged in all cultures and by every religious faith," Bush said.

He also said, "Marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious, and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society." What I am trying to make clear is that all of this basically comes down to religion. Bush's statements lead me to believe that he thinks same-sex marriages shouldn't occur because of a religious belief he has. If the government can't tell the people what religion to practice then who is Bush to try to pass an amendment to tell gays and lesbians that they can't marry because "the union of a man and a woman is…honored and encouraged…by every religious faith." There's just one problem there, not all Americans have faith, a religion, or even a belief in marriage so why should they have to go by an amendment that, because of religion, doesn't allow same-sex marriages? It would be hypocritical of...