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John Greem 123 Main Avenue, apt. 1-A, Henderson, NJ, 19163 (799) 555-9311,

Objective: To work as a web designer in a creative environment.

Education: • 1998 - 2002 Scramento Technical College Bachelor of Computer Science & Programming, Graduation in May 2002.

• 1996-1998 Franklin D. Roosevelt HS, New Bern, CT • 1990-1996 Indiana Mathematical School, Ankorage, AK Skills: Expert knowledge of HTML with the use of CSS, DHTML and Java Script. Solid base in MS Office with expertise in FrontPage. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready and Illustrator. Excellent knowledge of FTP, SSH and Dreamweaver.

Experience: Custom Internet Systems, Inc. (December 2005 - March 2006) Html coder, Web designer Wrote a number of pages in HTML with the elements of CSS using Front Page and Notepad. Developed templates with a complex table structure ready for insertion of CGI and PHP tags. This includes overall site navigation and search with such effects as mouseovers, on click/load popup windows, strings to play sounds and custom scroll bar.,, Ltd. (June 2005 - December 2005) Html Coder Developed HTML templates required for the dynamic site functions using Front Page. Created complex tables for menus, news section and ecommerce. Worked on overall site design using HTML, CSS and Multi-formals Inc. (December 2003 - March 2005) Web developer, Html coder Created HTML CD presentations of the company's designs and projects using Front Page, Notepad and Adobe products. Developed a user friendly navigation system of files and directories for the clients.

GoCopywriting, Inc. (January 2002 - September 2002) Web designer, Html coder Created multiple HTML templates and forms that were used by PERL to generate the site structure. Developed images as well as on the content of the site. IpWiz Corporation (March 2001 - November 2001) Web designer Designed...