Santiago's Character in the Old Man and the Sea

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1.general attitude toward life

1) Hope and confidence "never gone"(P13) still young, never old

(1)confidence based on knowing about himself(P23); based on the hand game---glory(P70)

(2)hope: "silly" "sin"(P104)

2) Faith "we have"(P11)--- a. in the discussion of baseball (P17) b.? Faith that he could prove to the boy he was a "strange old man (P66)", so although "thousand time he had proved it meant nothing ", he continued "proving it again" c. faith even to his cramped hand "If I have to have it...(P60)";

2.attitude toward suffering, pain and loneliness

During the struggle with marlin he suffered a lot physically (cramped hand and backache etc.), and suffered a lot spiritually from the loneliness (He and the fish were "beyond all people in the world", and "no one to help either of us" P50). He thought of the boy 7 times (P45.

1)Pride and dignity

(1)pride: despise all kinds of suffering; try to exhibit his power over them to prove his promise to Manolin &his confidence on himself :"show him ..."(P64)(P66)

(2)Dignity: Santiago's dignity as a human being is established by the code of values that he loves because he is a fisherman. His last experience as a fisherman gains him his ultimate victory when he goes out and fights nature in the form of terrible creatures, among them, a marlin and sharks. endure without complaining and admitting, stoical indifferent to pain

a. "not to think but only to endure(P46)" b. "pain does not matter to a man(P84)" "I can control mine"(P88) c. "not admit the suffering at all(P64)"

2)Despairing courage: Santiago is a man with a great pride and courage. He proves this point through his statement "But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated"...